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Lee Kennedy is a Christian/Americana Singer/Songwriter with a passion for uplifting and spiritual music. With a voice that soars and a heart that radiates joy, Lee has performed throughout the United States and Canada, spreading hope and love through his music.


Lee's journey has not been without struggles. He has faced a great depression that threatened to crush his spirit, but he turned to his faith and his music to find strength and solace. It was through this experience that he discovered the healing power of music and the incredible impact it can have on our lives.


Recently, Lee recorded in Nashville with guitar legend Brent Mason and Buddy Hyatt (Toto), taking his music to the next level. Lee is currently writing and performing, and fans are eagerly anticipating his full CD release in September 2023. With his infectious spirit and inspiring music, Lee Kennedy is a rising star in the Christian/Americana music scene, and a testament to the power of faith and music to lift us up and carry us through even the darkest of times

- “The world can be a very dark place ~ Time to bring in the light” Lee Kennedy

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